History of Our Company







Energía Sur de Europa S.L., Energía Sur de Europa S.L., established in the year 2000 and with registered address in Seville, is part of the international group CLP Envirogas, a company established in 1991 and with more than 1,000,000 hours of operating experience in the field of power generation from landfill gas.


The company group CLP Envirogas has been awarded several long-term sales contracts both in Spain and in the UK for electricity following the governments’ initiatives to promote renewable energy. In order to secure these contracts, the projects and the developing company must undergo an intense technical, commercial and financial inspection.

In Spain, Energía Sur de Europa S.L. opertes the Montemarta Cónica biogas plant, in the Seville landfill site, producing 9 MW at an availability ratio of almost 95% since it was started up in August 2000. The company has operates the power generation plant in the Garraf landfill site in Barcelona (12MW), Abanilla in Murcia 1.7MW) and the environmental centre in Toledo (4MW).

Energía Sur de Europa is currently expanding – in Portugal the sister company, Envirogas, has built the Sermonde plant in Oporto, which produces 6 MW and has operated in the landfill sites of the Algarve and Sintra and Santarem.

As a member of the group CLP Envirogas, Energía Sur de Europa S.L. works in other landfill sites, with a total installed power or more than 60 MW. installed and operational. In most, if not all of these projects the company finances them and operates them during the post-installation phase.