Power Generation Projects

Energía Sur de Europa S.L. is a company whose business activities include Operation and Maintenance of power generation plant that use landfill gas as their principal fuel source. The head office is based in Sevilla (Spain).

The comapany forms part of a group of companies that have more than 1,000,000 hours of operational experience in the field of power generation using landfill gas. Obviously this provides an indication as to the effiectiveness of the operating teams and the dedication by staff to ensure project success.

In Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom, the group of companies has been awarded a number of contracts to produce energy over a long period. These contracts are usually awarded under Government sponsored schemes that are designed to promote the use of renewable energy. Landfill gas use fulfils this objective in several ways in that not only does power generation using landfill gas remove a potentially highly damaging atmospheric gas, it also displaces the use of fossil fuels to generate electricity. Effecticvely, this technology converts a problem for landfill operators into a valuable resouce.

In order to ensure that the projects are commercially viable, they must first be subjected to a detailed internal process of assessment. This process studies not only the technical viability but also the commercial and financial viability. We believe that, after many years of operation, our technical and financial teams are second to none.

In Spain, Energía Sur de Europa S.L undertakes the degasification and explotation of the electricitry generation plant of the landfill site of Seville, Montemarta Cónica. Currently, there are 9 MW in operation, 8 of which export directly to the power transport grid and 1 MW which provides power to the recycling and environmental centre. The plant currently operation with an operational availablity of around 93% since August of 2000. At the moment there remains additional capacity to exploit although this is under review given the moratorium placed on new renewable energy projects in Spain.

In neighbouring Portugal, our group of companies has built the plant in Sermonde near Oporto, which now has 6 MW installed and operational and has built its first Build, Own and Operate plant in Santerem of 1MW.

Internationally, the group of companies of CLP Envirogas have participated in other landfill sites and have a total installed power potenital of around 80MWe.