Services Related to Operation and Maintenance


Energía Sur de Europa controls all aspects of operation and maintenance of our own plant and, because of our many years of successful operation, we are now in a position to offer this service to third party customers.

Our engineers have carried out operation and maintenance on the most reliable and common makes of engine realized on over 80MW of installed capacity in Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

Energía Sur de Europa relies on the most up to date and efficient technology and our technicians are trained to the highest levels to undertake activities of O & M. Our human resources team is made up of engineers who have been specifically trained in all aspects of engine management and biogas tratement. Training is given not only be the engine manufacturers themselves but also by own own highly qualified staff.

Because of the high demands we make of our team, operational results obtained by Energía Sur de Europa are excellent and we can demonstrate availability levels of around 95% in all of our plant. During the course of gathering this experience we ensure that not only experienced staff but also new trainees are retrained as required to ensure that our operatives remain the best in their field.

Having demonstrated the experience necessary to manage our own projects, we now offer our services of operation and maintenance to third party customers. These services include the following:

1 A  twice weekly visit to the plant. This guarantees our clients an exhaustive programme of revision and control during plant operations. During these visits we carry out routine and programmed maintenance tasks and check the engines for anomalous operation. We have found that this is the most effective way to avoid long-term problems during operation.

As part of the service, the technician employed makes a periodic report that includes all operational parameters including hours run, availability, notable incidents and proposals for improvement of the system as well as a report of the situation concerning health and safety in the plant.

2. An dedicated service 24 hours a day. This service is specifically designed to minimise downtime, optimise plant operation and maximise income. The service is also designed to ensure that inevitable breakdowns are repaired in as quick a time as possible. This service includes the comprehensive reporting to ensure that the customer remains fully informed.

3. A service made-to-measure. This service can include only necessary programmed interventions to ensure optimum operational conditions of teh plant.It is also designed as technical support for clients to ensure fully trained assistance when required.

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